Data Analytics, Statistical Process Control and Lean Methods

Next Training Dates: February 6-8, 2024 – Session 1 (Hybrid)

Note: The dates for Session 2 are determined at the end of the first session.

Training Location:

The University of Tennessee
Center for Renewable Carbon
2506 Jacob Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-4570

This training course provides a comprehensive overview of the principles and analysis techniques for effective statistical process control and lean systems applications. Candidates participate in hands-on activities and develop presentations based on real-world process scenarios in their company. The course has an easy to understand text, which helps ensure a comfortable pace and fun learning experience benefitting both the student and respective employer. Fundamentals of statistics, SPC, and Lean Concepts are taught. Hands-on exercises are used to strengthen concepts related to ‘natural variation,’ ‘cumulative variance,’ Deming’s funnel experiments,’ ‘lean push vs. pull systems,’ ‘5S,’ ‘Jidoka,’ and ‘Glass Walls,’ etc. The Center for Renewable Carbon (CRC) offers this program to maintain a focus on providing leading practical education for the bio-based manufacturers. This course will be a hybrid training course with both in-person and virtual participants.

Additional Information:

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Cost 1: β€” $3,450 (includes lodging, food, local transport, books, materials & fees for both sessions)

Cost 2: β€” $1,950 (without lodging, food, local transport for both sessions; typically for local participants)

Cost 3: β€” $950 per session + $239 one time technology fee (Virtual training option)

Register: Register Online.

Payment: Pay Online by Credit Card (Invoicing is also payment option.)

CEU Credits: The University of Tennessee, Division of Outreach & Continuing Education will award 4.0 CEU credits to each participant.
The course can also be taken for 3 undergraduate and 3 graduate credit hours at UT for an additional tuition fee.

NOTE: This course requires no prior knowledge of SPC, statistics, or lean thinking.

Questions: For more information contact Tim Young at β€‹or call 865.946.1119.