Salzburg University of Applied Sciences


UT Sustains Long-term Partnership with Salzburg University, Austria

This year marks the 12th year of the continued collaboration for research, teaching, and outreach between UT Center for Renewable Carbon (CRC) and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) in Austria. SUAS is located in Urstein and Kuchl, Austria, a city known as the ‘Wood Capital of the World’, SUAS aligns closely with the research activities of the UT – CRC in the areas of material science, forest products technology, and data science.

Since the onset of the international collaboration, 27 Austrian and German student research interns have been hosted by UTIA, seven Austrian and German students have completed joint MS degrees from UT and SUAS, and three UT students have completed research internships at SUAS. Dr. Tim Young, was received as both a Fulbright ‘Scholar’ and Fulbright ‘Specialist’ in Austria, in 2013 and 2016at SUAS. This collaboration is a great example of building collaborations with European universities that have global recognition.

Two Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) have been established since 2010 with Dr. Tim Young being the liaison between UT and SUAS. As a critical component of the MOUs, Dr. Timthy M. Young, Dr. Adam Taylor, and David P. Harper travel to Austria to teach, explore research collaboration, and participate in conferences. Tim Young says, “it’s been a career highlight!”  Dr. Alexander Petutchnigg and Dr. Barbu Marius-Catalin from SUAS are adjunct faculty of UT engaged in teaching and research collaborations between the respective institutions.Collaborations have also led to six Process Technologies for the Forest and Biobased Products Industries (PTF BPI) international conferences hosted on a biennial basis.

Dr Tim Young working with students in the lab
Kuchl FH DOE Class 2019b
Dr. Tim Young working with students in Process Development Class 2019c
Kuchl 2018 DOE3 Resolution Class
Kuchl 2018 DOE5 Resolution Class
2017 FH Kuchl Intro Statistka Undergrad Class
2017 FH Kuchl DOE Grad Class
Kuchl intro stats 2016
Kuchl DOE 2016 Class